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Project Supervisor


Chief of Staff | Correspondence & Communication Directorate | Ministry of Finance




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The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is specifically responsible for the management and execution of the budget, collection of taxes, organization and control of public expenditure and payments to the government and finally the management of Customs. Every government has to know the status of its revenues and expenditures, the management of its financial resources and to allocate them effectively.
The major portion of the Afghan budget is financed by international assistance. The Ministry of Finance as the responsible body for public finance and expenditure is increasing step by step its influence on coordination and management of international financial assistance to Afghanistan, and convincing donors to channel more funds through the government treasury.
For the past few years, the Ministry of Finance has been trying to regulate its activities according to international rules and regulations. To achieve this goal, the MoF established a Staff recruitment Section as well as a Policy Design and Execution Unit, and has continually embarked on training and capacity building of its staff.
The aim of the MoF is to manage the financial affairs of the country through scientific economic principles so that Afghanistan becomes economically sustainable, secure and self-sufficient that is to ensure that public wealth is used in an accountable and transparent manner.

Summary of SCAN Project

SCAN Project Initiated by Chief of Staff Office, to secure the historical records of archive (Amlak) by converting them into digital format. And created database to bring centralized system of all records and provide standard Digital Archive.

  Data entry staff plays a key role in ensuring that data collected and recorded accurately entered into the Scan database and all instruments and associated tracking forms are systematically sorted and filed.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that data verified by Editor is 100% accurate.
  • If any mistake found immediate action is required to be taken
  • Informs Project Manager of discrepancies in Data Entry Office
  • In case of not clear any entry from data entry  officer, refer to ghazan staff (will be available in scan office)and record the entry which he/she confirm in record book
  • Share the Scan MIS needed updation with IT
  • Provide Technical Service that need by scan Data Entry Staff from IT
  • Make Procedure of Scan MIS Data Backup Schedule with IT
  • Ensure the integrity and Security of information
  • Provide progress report to Project manager
  • Performs such other duties as may be assigned

Restrictions in Scan Data Entry Office

  • No Storage devices allowed inside Data Entry Office
  • Not allowed to take information from Scan MIS hard or Soft copy
  • Not to share verbal information among and outside 
  • Do not Share user Passwords with colleagues
  • Friends & Relatives are not Allowed to bring inside office


  • Data Entry is very important part of data feeding to system as all decision is making on the bases of this information, therefore there will be face penalties, if the same mistake repeated again and again.
  • If any individual disseminate information outside office, will be consider as crime and will face the legal action.

Work safely

Safely Issue

Guide Line

Water and dust

Ensure that at all times the location of your computer is dry and clean. Any moisture or build-up of dust can increase the chance of electric shocks that can damage you or your computer.


Ensure that your chair and the immediate environment are ergonomically placed, that your neck and back especially are not twisted or strained while operating the machine.

Food and drinks

Keep food and drinks away from the computer. Drinks spilled onto the keyboard can damage under the keys

Electrical storms

If electrical storms occur while operating the machines, it is safest for both you and the machine to switch them off and unplug them from the power source, in order to prevent electrical surges or spikes damaging the equipment.

Qualification and Requirement

  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or business administration
  2. Good understanding of Pashto/Dari writing, editing and typing
  3. Oversee the day to day operations of the project management office
  4. Supervise the data entry team and technical support team and report to project manager
  5. At least 4 years’ experience working international and government organizations
  6. Good understanding of Microsoft Excel, Power Pinot and statistical and analytical reports
  7. Good oral and written communication skills
  8. Good training skills
  9. Demonstrated knowledge of effective project management techniques 

Submission Guideline:

Interested candidates should submit their applications by e-mail by 20th October, 2017 to: 
Chief of Staff Office (CoS), Ministry of Finance, Pashtonistan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan. Write in the Subject line Title/Reference Number

Email address:


Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be considered. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.