Deputy Minister of Administration: The Steel Melting Companies Should be Assessed Carefully

Dec 09, 2018: The meeting of Scrap Metal Sale High Committee dated Dec 09, 2018 Chaired by Mr. Farid Hekmat, Deputy Minister of Administration at Ministry of Finance. The committee members, representatives of Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industries and Mines, Union of Domestic Steel Melting Companies participated at the event held in the office of deputy minister of administration – Ministry of Finance

In the meeting, report about the progress of scrap metal activities presented to the committee and challenges, problems and suggestions of the executive board of the committee were heard.

The scrap metal process, despite the challenges, progressed over the past two years in line with determined targets and evaluated positive by High Economic Council.

Since the number of melting and ironmaking companies has increased over the past two years and scraps decreased in the government departments, the relevant departments (Ministries of Finance, Economy, Mines & Petroleum, Industry &Commerce, Afghanistan National Standard Authority, National Environmental Protection Agency, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry and Mines and Union of Steel Melting Companies) were instructed to carefully assess the melting companies.

Likewise, in the meeting, they were instructed to provide a detailed report regarding the progress and implementation of H.E. the President Decrees, High Economic Council Decisions, the high committee comments as soon as possible and after reviewing by Scrap Metal Sale High Committee, submit it to the president