The Beginning of Municipal Services Fee Collection through ASYCUDA in Customs

 Dec 22, 2018: Based on the new mechanism for municipal services fee collection, Ministry of Finance will collect the trucks fees in customs through Automated System of Customs Data (ASYCUDA) from Dec 22, 2018 and transfer it to the municipality bank account.

In this mechanism, the fees for municipality revenue has been fixed 0.4%, which is automatically calculated in customs declaration and delivered to bank. By paying that, the trucks will be exempted to pay municipal services fee at the cities gates.

The aims of this measure by Directorate General of Customs- Ministry of Finance are to create transparency in municipal services fee, to prevent illegal extortion, to obtain various services fees through a single authority, to prevent the loss of domestic revenue and to building new system in the area of city services fee.

It is worth mentioning that, the DG of Customs has built the new mechanism for municipal services fee in coordination with municipalities and local governance authority to bring transparency in revenue collection and anti-corruption efforts. The mechanism is approved by high economic council after a full discussion.