About Discount of Flour Tax


For respect to holy month of Ramadhan , Eid days  and response to consumers and traders of wheat flour requests, Ministry of Finance decided to bring discount in its custom tax from 10% to 5%  on flour. 

About Importing Old Vehicles

The council of ministers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has announced, through its decision nr 4, 01/92.1390 (April 21st2011), that importing vehicles aged over 10 years is no more allowed in Afghanistan. The decision has to be implemented three months after its publication.

Ministry of Finance is responsible for the implementation of the above mentioned decision. Therefore, the MoF inform all traders that from 01/05/1390 (August 23rd2011) the customs will not let these vehicles enter Afghan soil.

About Kunar and Nuristan Timber Stocks

Based on decision Nr. 4thof the council of Ministers, dated 1/2/1390 (April 21st2010),.the Ministry of Finance informs all timber merchants who have timber stocks in Kunar and Nuristan that the timber should be transferred before 25th  of Sawar 1390 (May 15th2011) out of the above mentioned provinces. After this time limit, the timber still kept in Kunar and Nuristan will be confiscated by government.

Registration of Right Hand Steering Vehicles

Ministry of Finance informs owners of right hand steering vehicles circulating withoutcustom and traffic document that they must register their vehicles, in accordance with the Cabinet decision Nr. 4, with the ad hoc commissions set in all provinces and to obtain needed documents. These documents will be are valid for five years. Afterwards the decision Nr. 29 (8/7/1386) of the council of Ministers cabinet will be fully implemented.