DG Admin


1.DG Administration And Finance Main Duties:

1.      Providing On Spot Services And Facilities To Departments Of Ministry Of Finance And Ensuring Of Effective And On Time Service Provision By All Sub Departments

2.      Contraction, Implementation And Application Of All Contracts Within Ministry Of Finance According To Procurement And Financial Law Of Afghanistan

3.      Development And Exposure Of Modern Technology Systems In All Departments Of Ministry

4.      Monitoring And Controlling Of All Construction, Development And Reconstruction Projects Of Ministry

5.      Providing Work Relationship With Administrative Units Of All Mostofiat Ha

6.      Setting Of Annual Plan And Budget Of Ministry

7.      Setting Of All Financial, Technological, Administrative And Services Fields Within Ministry

8.      Salary Implementation, Assigning Of Monetary Allocations, And Implementation Of Monetary Drafts Of Ministry

9.      Caring And Maintenance Of Ministry’s Buildings And Enclosure

10.  Supervision Of Service Activities



2.Description Of Past, Present And Future Vision Of Department

1.        Absence Of Laws, Procedures, Needed Technology, Enough Vehicles And Buildings For Ministry Civil Servants And Low Work Capacities In Past

2.      Capacity Building Of Civil Servants, Introducing Of Modern Technology, Creating Of Good Practices And Optimization Of Work Process Within Department

3.    Capacity Building Of Civil Servants To Optimal Level, Introduction And Usage Of High Technology And Clarifying And Sampling Work Processes In Future.




3.Key Achievements:

1.       Ministry Budget Expending Has Far Increased Than Past Years

2.      Financial And Procurement Databases Have Been Introduced For More Work Process Simplification

3.      Connection Of All Customs And Mostofiatis By Internet

4.      Savings In Expenditure Services And Projects (Installation Of GPS And Correction Of Procurement System Within Department)

5.      Reconstruction And Maintenance Of Ministry Buildings

6.      Creation Of Transparent And Fast Procurement Process Based On Procurement Law Within Ministry

7.      Creation Of Transparent And Fast Auction Process

8.      Transferring Of Old And Time Taking Work Systems To Modern Electronic One

9.      Raising Work Level Of Staff’s Work Level

10.  Reconciliation Of Budget Reform Based On Optimal Criteria




4.Plans For Next Five Years:

1.      Improving Budget Programs Of Ministry Of Finance Based On International Standards

2.      Introduction Of Modern Technologies In Finance, Procurement And Auction Service Provision Processes

3.      Developing Of Ministry Related Databases And Internetwork

4.      Outfitting Of Related Units With Needed Technologic And Executive Equipment To Optimal Level

5.      Lifting Of Related Services Provision, Procurement And Facility Provision Process To A Transparent, Shorter And More Effective One