DG Properties

Main Duties

The main duties of Directorate General of Properties are as:

  • To establish a unit or property validity  in the country based on the statistics and precise figures of government assets
  • To collect figures and accurate statistics of properties for proper use of it economic development plans of the country 
  • To arrange  the documents and deeds of the state property that were lost during of civil wars
  • To Settle property disputes between government departments or  government departments and the public based on the documents
  • To establish real estate branches under provincial revenue departments (Mostofyats) to register, list (record) and use state-owned properties in the provinces in accordance with the procedures.
  • To submit, register and rent  all immovable properties owned by the state that are in surplus in the possession of ministries and independent state departments
  • To register and rent  of immovable properties owned by the state, which are in the development plans of ministries and independent state institutions in presence of its official representative
  • To register and rent all immovable properties abroad by the government in cooperation with relevant departments
  • To Detect and remove state owned immovable properties that people and  non-governmental organizations possess them illegally
  • To protect and use  reasonably the government immovable properties, state-owned and nationalized assets
  • To supervise permanently  the use and maintenance of immovable property in accordance with the law
  • To Supervise all immovable state assets included in development plans of the departments and jointly rent to individuals or non-governmental organizations
  • To rent to re-built those state buildings that were destroyed during the civil war and are still unusable, through the use of government money facilities or protocols with companies or individuals in accordance with the law
  • To buy  and register the properties that  the president orders to buy them based on urgent needs
  • To give ideas and assign a representative on repairmen costs of state assets which are held by ministries or independent government departments

To evaluate and review the ministries and independent government departments’ demands on receiving state properties to the territorial development of them