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The history of insurance industry in Afghanistan starts with a general insurance company from year 1963 by a governmental insurance company named “Afghan National Insurance Company” (ANIC). In 1974 first insurance law implemented in the country and in years 1979 and 1989 some articles  in the insurance law of Afghanistan has emendate and after final emendate in some articles in 2005 it announced as the new insurance law of Afghanistan and till now we implement it. 

Afghanistan Insurance Authority (AIA) was established in year 2005 in the Ministry of Finance. At first the name of AIA was Insurance Supervisory Administration then in 2008 the name changed to Insurance Commission of Afghanistan.

After that the minister’s cabinet renamed it to Afghanistan Insurance Authority.


A stable, secure, developed and financially a self-sufficient Afghanistan and an insurance authority that is accountable, transparent and responsive to the needs of its clients /stakeholders.

Mission Statement:

To protect policy holder’s interest and to develop a robust insurance industry in Afghanistan.


The Main Goals of Afghanistan Insurance Authority are as below:

  1. Securing the economic and social life and activities
  2. Attracting investment in different parts of insurance sector
  3. Improving the level of Insurance customer services in the country
  4. Increase the level of public awareness about the insurance knowledge through printing brochures, video advertisements, billboards, launching workshops on central and provincial level
  5. Capacity building in the insurance sector
  6. Attracting donors to support insurance sector

Duties and Responsibilities’:

  1. Issue insurance activities licenses for life insurance companies, general insurance companies, brokers, agents, surveyors, loss adjusters, audit companies and insurance consultants.
  2. Evaluation, monitoring, audit, onsite-supervision and offsite-supervision from the activities of life insurance companies, general insurance companies, brokers, agents, surveyors, loss adjusters, audit companies and insurance consultants in the country.
  3. Avoid illegal insurance activities in the jurisdiction of Afghanistan.
  4. Launch insurance public awareness workshops on central and provincial level
  5. Draft different regulations, guidelines, procedures and amendment in the insurance law of Afghanistan due to the demand of the insurance market.
  6. Appoint internal and external audit companies for auditing of insurance companies

Achievements of Afghanistan Insurance Authority

  1. capacity building of AIA employees:
  • general insurance training in insurance institute of India
  • general insurance training in Malaysian insurance institute of Malaysia
  • general accounting & financial techniques training in wise consulting Pakistan
  • financial risk management training in wise consulting Pakistan
  1. drafting policies & regulations:
  • amendment in insurance procedure in part of companies which do illegal insurance activities and charging them penalties
  • amendment in insurance procedure regarding registration of domestic and international audit companies
  • drafting health insurance regulation for government & private sector employees
  • drafting & publishing the following regulations in MoF website regarding receiving the response of stakeholders:
  1. health insurance regulation
  2. fire insurance regulation
  3. fleet motor regulation
  4. third party regulation
  5. supervision & audit of insurance companies:
  • issuing general  insurance license to IGA insurance group of Afghanistan
  • establishing a team of employees to audit the licensed insurance companies, regularly and annually
  • registering the four following audit companies:
  1. KPMG
  2. Rafaqat Babur
  3. Ernst & Young
  4. Horwatt Mark
  5.  Issued license to insurance surveyor of Joseph Lobo
  6.  Signing MoU with Central insurance of Islamic republic of Iran
  7.  Working on a database for effective insurance information and better supervision of insurance  companies
  8.  Issued the standard financial statements formats to insurance companies.
  9. Work on the creation of insurance costumers reporting system for better transparency, supervision, preventing of fraud in insurance contracts
  10. Public awareness:
  • Conducting of more than 150 public awareness workshops and conferences in capital and the provinces of Jalalabad, Mazar e sharif and Herat, for the promotion & development of the newly established insurance sector
  • Publishing more than 9,000 AIA brochures in educational and commercial centers
  • Surveying insurance market in capital and provinces of the country
  1. overall activities:
  • drafting of AIA’s 5 years strategic plan in accordance with the strategic plan of Ministry of finance
  • establishing the organizational chart & jobs description of AIA for the year 1392
  • Reviewing the documents & peaceful settlement of the compensation for the Inheritors of martyrs of Pamir airways airplane crash.
  • Attracting technical assistance of FAIDA

Afghanistan economic development in the last decade a golden opportunities for investing in the insurance sector

Currently, 18 banks, 6 telecommunication, 10 civil aviation, 4 insurance companies are operating in the country. Also in the following table you can see the numbers of others sector companies operating in the country which are a good opportunities for insurance industry development:

An overview of insurance industry in Afghanistan

At the moment five insurance companies are operating in general insurance activities and each year we renew their licenses and that are as below:

  1. Afghan National Insurance Company (

  2. Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan ( )

  3. Insurance Group of Afghanistan ( )

  4. Afghan Global Insurance  ( )

  5. Sky International Insurance (

Currently the insurance companies are offering the following assurance products.

  • Fleet aviation, general aviation, refueling and associated liabilities
  • Marine, Cargo and Transit
  • Construction /engineering
  • Defense base act
  • Personal accident
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Property /business interruption
  • Political risk
  • General third party liability
  • Bankers blanket bond, Cash in transit and associated lines
  • Construction ,plant & equipment
  • Employers liability
  • Travel insurance
  • Fleet motor insurance

The introduction of those mentioned insurances products in the country indicate the insurance sector growth in our country .which means this sector getting roots in our country during last year’s.

Insurance Companies Establishment Guide

  • Paying application fee of 2500 Afs
  • Receiving the application form
  • Filling the application form appropriately
  • Submitting the following documents:
  1. Statute charter
  2. A comprehensive business plan at least for a period of three years
  3. Company Risk Coverage 
  4. Specimen of the Insurance Policies
  5. Complete information about the insurance policies, TIN, shareholders, senior management of the company ,address of the company and reinsurance, AISA license
  6. capital allocation :
    • The capital for the life insurance company is 400,000,000 Afs
    • The capital for the non life insurance company is 100,000,000 Afs
    • Capital for the brokers is 50,000,000 Afs
    • Capital for the agents is 25,000,000 Afs
    • Capital for the surveyor is 125,000 Afs


  • All the documents should be signed and stamped
  • The re-insurance  certificates should be certified by Afghanistan embassies and consulates
  • license fee :

A. the license fee for insurance company is 500,000 Afs

B. the license fee for insurance broker is 200,000 Afs

C. the license fee for agent and survivor is 100,000 Afs

  • For the capital allocation purpose a bank account should be opened in one of the registered banks.

The New Drafted Insurance Law and Regulations

The Afghanistan Insurance Authority is currently working on the new drafted insurance law of Afghanistan, after passing of this law from the parliament the insurance law of July 2008 will be revoke.

As it is clear for all that the guidelines, procedures and regulations are the speaking language of the laws, so the Afghanistan Insurance Authority drafted the following regulations:

  • Private Health Insurance regulation
  • fire insurance regulation
  • fleet motor regulation
  • third party regulation
  • insurance investment regulations
  • employers insurance regulation
  • board of directors liability insurance regulation

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