Project Coordination Department

The PIU has been established accordance to the suggestion of MOF and Decree NO. 2685 07/04/1390 of the presidential of Islamic republic of Afghanistan, with the following Goals in the structure (Tashkeel) of MOF under the deputy minister of administration:

  1. Coordinate and expedite the implementation process of development projects and sumption 100% of development budget in central and provinces.
  2. Modernization of (Mastofyets) and customs for gathering the revenue and custom’s crops.
  3. Acquisition of external Aids and expanse it, trough Government budget
  1. Job Description
  1. Development projects coordination
  2. Development projects implementation
  3. Pursuit and monitor  from the development projects
  4. Creation of regular reporting system from development projects
  5. Increscent of the projects implementation to 100%
  1. Achievements
  • Increment of project implementation percentage from 20% to 60% in the first three months of its activities.
  • Primary consideration in the project implementation delay reasons and take necessity actions for removing them.
  • Establish of coordination among the departments.
  • Establish of regular communication channel within offices and development projects.
  • Determined the focal points for the all projects.
  • Creation of facilitates in the development projects procurement processes and other offices.
  • Creation of facilitates in the financial executions process.
  1. Future Plan
  • Cooperating in preparation of Procurement and Financial plans for First and Second Units.
  • Creation of Development projects Synchronization Mechanism.
  • Creation of Facilitation Mechanism for on time Implementation of Development projects.
  • Creation of Projects Evaluation/Monitoring regular System.
  • Creation of Reporting regular system.
  1. Difficulties
  • Deteriorating of security situation in Some Provinces.
  • Existence of limits in consumption of Non- Arbitrary Budgets.

Organizational Structure: