Deputy Minister for Administration

Mr. Abdul Razaq Vahidi

Mr. Abdul Razaq Vahidi, Deputy Minister for Administration of Ministry of Finance and Science faculty lecturer of Kabul University was born in 19/03/1355 or 08 Jun- 1976 in a religious family in Kabul city. He lived in Kabul until he was 6 and then he immigrated to Iran with his family. He finished primary, secondary and high school successfully in Esfahan- Iran. He won the bronze medal of mathematic Olympiad of Iran, when he was in high school, but due to Afghan citizenship, he could not take part in International Olympiads. In 1995, he entered in Esfahan University via General examination (entrance exam for university) like other immigrants and based on his own interest he chose mathematic field.

He was in Esfahan until he got both his B.A and M.A degrees from there. When he was studying for his B.A, he got the better grade twice in country competitions He got the first position in MA period. He also started to teach in Esfahan University and other private universities.

Within the falling of Taliban regime and engendering democracy in 1381, he returned to the country and based on the commitment that he had for his motherland, started to teach mathematic in Kabul University. Teaching is an important factor of his life. In 1382-1384 as a member of Kunkor Committee with other expert teachers established computerized system of Kunkor.

Within taking part in other academic activities, he developed teacher self-learning DVDs and made it available for the science-lover. In 1384, he established Mathematician Association consisting of University teachers and some graduated people from mathematic field. He developed new scheme and plans with the cooperation of UNISCO office in Ministry of Education at that time. Among them within IIEP office representative of it in Afghanistan in Sawr of 1384 introduced budgeting based the plan for ministry of education for the first time. He was present in preparing the 5-year plan of ministry of education and closely worked with focal points of each program.

In 1385, he appointed as general administrative director of ministry of finance via free competition within taking part in PRR examination. Since that time to 1388, he managed to bring a lot of basic changes in administrative systems of ministry of among which we can mention administrative flow-charting system as well as taking part in other improvements related to work and work-field, yet he did not break off his relation with university environment and continued his teaching there with maintaining the rights of scientific cadre.

In 1389 with the suggestion of minister of finance, he assigned as acting chief of staff office. In this post, he also succeeded to bring some basic changes in development of coordinating system among related offices and other administrations and parliament, and after 19 months close cooperation. On 23th November 2011 with suggestion of respected minister and decree of presidency of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan assigned as deputy minister for administration of ministry of finance.

Mr Adul Razaq Vahidi is interested in painting and drawing besides his specialization in mathematics and statistics. He is well experienced in graphical 2D and 3D animations and he is expert in flow-charting system and knows computer programming very well. He also spends time playing football, chase, diving and swimming.