Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor, Deputy Minister for Finance

The Deputy Minister for Finance is in-charge of the General Budget Directorate, Treasury Directorate, and Fiscal Policy Directorate. In June 2005, he joined the ministry as Director General of Budget and led it successfully for almost four years. In January 2009, he assumed the current role.

His achievements span across a wide spectrum. In 2012, Afghanistan’s Open Budget Index (OBI) rose by 38 points to 59 from a score of 21 in 2010, and 8 in 2008. He guided the Aid Management Policy with mutual commitments made by the Government and international partners. It captures the elements from the Busan conference’s “New Deal” and best practices of fragile situations. He is the lead negotiator for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline that will extend from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to the India-Pakistan border that would yield considerable revenue for Afghanistan from transit and serve as a catalyst in security and prosperity. He was the interlocutor for the Asian Development Bank’s Asian Development Fund grant financing that provides Afghanistan with a post-conflict premium, which will continue until 2018. Under his leadership, the Verified Payroll Program flourished, the Afghanistan Financial Management Information System was rolled out to all provinces and most line ministries, alignment of donors’ funding saw a turning point, the medium-term fiscal and budget framework provided fiscal discipline, the Public Financial Management (PFM) roadmap advanced reforms, and budgeting at the provincial level is beginning to flourish with a new horizon.

His near plenipotentiary responsibilities for International Financial Institutions and bilateral development partners provide the anchor of Afghan public finances. The rigor of Afghan PFM system has earned respect from independent peer review. When Dr. Mastoor joined the Ministry of Finance’s Budget Department, international and national consultants performed routine functions. Today, talented and young Afghan professionals are undertaking these tasks.

Dr. Mastoor is the Alternate Governor of Afghanistan to the World Bank and one of the founders and Governor of Afghanistan in South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). He is a contributing member of many boards and working groups including g7+ –– an association of countries affected by conflict.  He is the Chairman of the Board for Ariana Afghan Airlines and the National Rural Access Program’s (NRAP) Steering Committee, and Deputy Chairman of the Agricultural Development Fund.  He also leads the Economic Working Group of the Afghanistan-US Strategic Partnership Agreement.

From 2000 to 2003, he had worked with international NGOs in important positions where he led strategic planning and budgeting, policy development, human resources, fund raising, grant financing, and project management. In 2003, he joined the Ministry of Health as a consultant for Grant and Contract Management unit, and promptly became the director of this unit. He managed donor programs, and developed the budget framework (over US$ 100 million) of the ministry. He was instrumental in providing insights and designing the first medium-term health policy and strategy. Today, the Basic Public Health Services (BPHS) is a success story.

Born in Kabul, Dr. Mastoor obtained his medical degree from the University of Kabul and Executive Master of Business Administration from Preston University, Peshawar. He worked in different hospitals and medical centers and provided technical assistance.

He has worked with a number of Afghan publications as a reporter, satire writer and a cartoonist.  He is an avid golfer as well as the founder and the current President of the Afghanistan Golf Federation. He resides in Kabul.