For the first time in Afghanistan the taxes was given importance in the role of Ahmad shah Baba as a president. In the year 1140 solar several governmental offices were established including the Ministry of Finance which was named (Humayon Alla). The 1st incumbent of the mentioned Ministry was Abdullah Khan Popalzai who was named as Dewan Begi and later on was famous by the name of Mustafawi Almalik was hired and selected. His authority was equal with today’s minister.
Mustafawi  Almalik  enhanced the provincial financial system and was monitoring and responsible for the overall financial and accounting issues  of the country.
In the beginning of years 1000-1200, the taxes were collected in the shape of physical goods and through this method the salaries of government employees have been asked to be paid by the land owners and employees would go to the land owners to get the mentioned goods in relation to the order that have been given by the government in terms of the payment.  Until the kingdom of Habibullah Khan the financial system and taxes was not identified properly. In the year 1298 solar in the role of Zaman_ullah khan the physical goods tax was changed in to direct tax money payment and finally ministry of Finance was established. And the financial systems were built in the year 1965 solar and introduced in Afganistan with many different types of financial systems. In the last years a lot of huge changes accrued financial systems.