Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is specifically responsible for the management and execution of the budget, collection of taxes, organization and control of public expenditure and payments to the government and finally the management of Customs. Every government has to know the status of its revenues and expenditures, the management of its financial resources and to allocate them effectively.
The major portion of the Afghan budget is financed by international assistance. The Ministry of Finance as the responsible body for public finance and expenditure is increasing step by step its influence on coordination and management of international financial assistance to Afghanistan, and convincing donors to channel more funds through the government treasury.
For the past few years, the Ministry of Finance has been trying to regulate its activities according to international rules and regulations. To achieve this goal, the MoF established a Staff recruitment Section as well as a Policy Design and Execution Unit, and has continually embarked on training and capacity building of its staff.
The aim of the MoF is to manage the financial affairs of the country through scientific economic principles so that Afghanistan becomes economically sustainable, secure and self-sufficient that is to ensure that public wealth is used in an accountable and transparent manner.


A stable, financially secure and financially self-sufficient Afghanistan with a fiscally disciplined government and a Ministry that is accountable and responsive to the needs of its clients.


To be an agent of change and the voice of expertise in the fiscal matters of the country and to ensure that international standards are met for procurement and financial management.
As a central player in financial reform, the Ministry of Finance is working with the Central Bank of Afghanistan to ensure that the country's economic infrastructure is working properly. The MoF has the additional responsibility of realigning various functions to better support national development priorities.
The MoF broad goals are to:
1. Mobilize revenue and manage Government finances
2. Support economic management and promote economic growth
3. Manage public wealth
4. Promote good governance
5. Best practice leader within the Afghan public sector