E- Governance

This section documents the agency efforts in e-government, including its website, projects, expectations and challenges.
The major ICT/e-government projects by MoF include:
1)    Afghanistan Financial Management Information System (AFMIS) supported by MoF
2)    Automatic System for Custom Data (ASYCUDA): supported by World Bank.
3)    Internet
4)    Email
5)    HR Management Information System (HRMIS)
6)    State budgeting planning system: supported by UNDP.
7)    Aid Management system DAD: supported by UNDP.
8)    Budget department web portal: supported by UNDP.
The official web site of MoF is www.mof.gov.af.
IT Applications
The major IT applications by DAB include:
1)    Afghanistan Financial Management Information System (AFMIS): for financial purposes (implemented)
2)    Automatic System for Custom Data (ASYCUDA) for customs monitoring Module (under development)
3)    ASYCUD server application: for Interact between Oracle and ASYCUDA client (implemented)
4)    Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS): for tax (under development)
5)    State Budget Planning System (SBPS): Use as budget appropriation and execution Module (web, implemented 2003)
6)    Budget web portal: To server as information dissemination website  for public, Government and partners (web, implemented 2003)
Data management: There are some databases which support agency includes:
1)    Development Assistant Database (DAD): Use as Aid information management system (SQL, implemented)
2)    AFMIS Database: reporting, special disbursement and debt management databases (implemented)
3)    ARA Database:
MoF shares data within agency, with other agencies and with external users, MoF has security and privacy policy for data sharing.
Document management: more than 1000 documents transferred through email within agency.