National Rural Access Program (NRAP)

The National Rural Access Program (NRAP) is one of the National Priority Programs, of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan operating within the National Development Framework. The specific purpose of NRAP is the ‘nationwide rehabilitation, reconstruction and maintenance of essential rural access infrastructure to ensure year-round access to marginalized districts and villages.

NRAP is an inter-ministerial programme executed by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and the Ministry of Public Works (MoPW), coordinated and administered by small unit NCU under the aegis of Ministry of Finance.

NRAP Purpose:

Providing year round access to the remote villages to basic services, such as markets, health care canters and schools.

Providing increased employment opportunities through using labor-based methods and private sectors of communities and private sectors-led approach for all works.

Enhancing the capacity to manage, deliver and maintain public transportation facilities through on the job capacity development.


NERAP: National Emergency Rural Access Project was approved on 13 December, 2007 and activated on 17 November, 2008 initially designed for three years till end of December 2010 with total contributed value of USD 137 million, ($112 IDA+$25, however, due to indigenous and exogenous constraints, the project has been extended up to end of December 2013 to complete revised cumulative scope (2,302 km) including secondary and tertiary road.

The Project’s development objective was to provide year-round access to basic services and facilities in rural areas of Afghanistan. This was to be achieved through rehabilitation and maintenance of rural access infrastructure by contracting with the private sector and, to a lesser extent, with the communities.

ARAP: Afghanistan Rural Access Project (ARAP) is a follow-on project to the series of World Bank funded projects through IDA and ARTF, effective from October 1st, 2012. Total allocated budget USD 332 million which will be funded by an IDA grant of US$124 million equivalent and an ARTF grant of US$207 million equivalent. The project will be implemented over 5 year project life and intended to be completed on September 30th, 2017.

The project development objective is to enable rural communities to befit from all, season road access to the basic services and facilities.

NRAP three basic conceptual principles:

Connectivity:  the objective of any road project is not limited to providing access to services and facilities but also to interconnect communities so that a rural access network is completed and functional paving the flow of goods, services, technologies, communications, administrative/governance from the central, regional and provincial to the rural areas in continuum.

Quality: To upgrade functions of access to operate within engineering standards

Sustainability: To maintain required level of service of road network so that to sustain its economic life, quality of service and connectivity.